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We believe that the responsibility to heal America's inner cities rests with the faith community in partnership with local government.

We believe that cites can be transformed into vibrant communities, one person and one block at a time when people inspired by God take action.

We believe that the motive for such an effort must be love, God's love for us and His command that we love each other.

We further believe that it is our responsibility to take this love directly to people in the neighborhoods were they live.

We believe that by taking both physical and spiritual responsibility for neighborhoods we will build a trust that will create opportunity for restoration.

We believe that actions speak louder than words and that encouraging and enabling people is a demonstration of love. We will strive to remove all barriers of gender, race, age and expressions of faith and seek to engage all Christians regardless of church affiliation in this ministry. And finally...

We believe that this is God's work and the mission of Jesus Christ and that it is blessed by the Father.