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Arctic Apostles (CMA) - Anchorage, AK
Army of the Lord
Sponsored by the Soldiers for Jesus - USA

Central AZ
Inland Empire, CA
Front Range, CO
Charter Group, MN
Okeechobee, FL
Azuza Street Riders - Chapters in Ottowa, Canada and many US states.
Bikers for Christ - Members in 49 U.S. states, and 7 countries
Bikers United in Christ SE - Yahoo Group Only
Bikers Riders for Jesus Book
Black Sheep M/M - Chapters in AK, AZ, FL, IL, ME, NV, NM, OR, & PA, USA
Bondslaves M/C - Chapters in IN, & MN, USA
The Brotherhood of Jesus Christ M/M - Dallas, GA & NJ, USA
Calvary Riders M/M - Chapters in the USA
Celebration Christian Center - Livermore, CA (They have M/C Parking!)
Celebration Riders - Big Valley, Manteca, & Oakdale CA, USA
Chariots of Hope - Deltona, FL
Christian Biker Missionaries - Daytona Beach, FL
Christian Crusaders - Spangle, WA
Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) - USA Main Site
Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) - Northeast Region, USA

   New Hampshire,
   New Jersey,
   New York,
   Rhode Island,
   & West Virginia
Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) - Southeast Region, USA

   North Carolina
   South Carolina,
Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) - North Central Region, USA

   North Dakota,
   South Dakota,
Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) - South Central Region, USA
   Texas (NE),
   Texas (SE),
   Texas (W)
Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) - Northwest Region, USA

   Idaho (N),
   Idaho (S),
   Nevada (NE),
   Nevada (NW),
Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) - Southwest Region, USA

   California (S),
   Nevada (S),
   New Mexico,
Chistian Motorcycle Association (CMA) - United Kingdom
Christian Rider's Ministry, South Dakota
\ Christian Soldiers
Christ's Motor Club - Chapters in CA & WV, USA
Covenant M/M - MO & OK, USA
Cross Country Riders (CMA) - Santa Rosa, CA
Crossties (CMA) - Atlanta, GA
Cycle Disciples Fellowship - Chapters in AL, AZ, CA, FL, IA, IL, KY, MI, MN, MO, TX, VA & WV, USA, Chichester England and Croatia.
Desert Disciples (CMA) - Mesa, AZ
Disciples M/C
Faith Riders - Chapters in FL, IN, KY & OH, USA
Fellowship of Christian Motorcyclists - Chiltern, Essex, Kent, North West, Peek & Wessex, United Kingdom
Forgiven Child of God M/M - Chapters in AL and GA, USA
Frontline M/M - CA, USA
Glory Riders M/M - FL, USA
God Squad CMC - Chapters in Australia, New Zealand, Norway & the United Kingdom
Gospel Wheels (CMA) - San Jose, CA
Heaven's Disciples M/C - Dunnellon, FL
Heaven's Saints M/M - USA
Highways and Hedges Ministry - Little Rock, AR
His Blood Warriors - AL & GA, USA and Johannasburg, South Africa
Honor Bound M/M - Chapters in AR, AZ, FL, IL, IN, MD, MO, PA, TN & VA, USA
Holy Ghost Riders - Illinois
Holy Riders M/M - AL, USA
Independent Christian Bikers - Northern Idaho, USA
King's Krusaders (CMA) - Concord, CA
Knights of Pentecost M/M
Light Riders (CMA) - Gainesville, FL
Live Riders M/M - Chapters in CA, NV & SC, USA
Lord's Knights (CMA) - Vallejo, CA
Messengers M/C - Sacramento, CA, USA
Messiah's Disciples M/M - Chapters in Austrailia, South Africa, and AR, AZ, GA, OH, MD, NC, NM, PA, TN, UT & WI, USA.
Michiana Son Riders (CMA) - Sturgis, MI
Midnight Son Riders (CMA) - MAT-SU Valley, AK, USA
Motorcycle Funerals/Faster Pastor
Motorcyclists for Jesus - FL, IN, KY, MO, NY, OH, RA, TN, VA, & VT USA
Motor Racing Outreach
Narrow Road Riders - IL, USA
Northern Virginia Christian Riders (CMA) - Manassas, VA USA
Pennsylvania (PA) Gospel Riders - PA, USA
Prodigal Sons M/C - CA, FL, KY, HI, ME, OH, PA & TN, USA, and BC Canada
Rapture Ready M/C - San Jose, CA USA
Ride for Him, Jesus Christ - Personal Motorcycle Ministry
Riders for Righteousness - Modesto, CA USA
Rugged Cross M/C - FL, MD, NC, NJ & TX USA
Second Mile Riders (CMA) - Omaha, Nebraska USA
Servants for Christ M/C - CA, MD, MO, MT, NC, OH, OK, VA, WA & Nomads USA
Seed of Abraham M/C - Canada, New Zealand, & USA
Seventh Seal M/C
Soldiers for Christ - National Homepage - USA

Other Chapters

Chapter 'B' - TX Panhandle
Chapter 'C' - KS
Chapter D Homepage Coming Soon
Chapter "F" - OK
Chapter 'G' - ?
Chapter 'I' - ?
Chapter 'J' - ?
Nomads Chapter
Soldiers for Jesus

Chapters in:

Edmonton, Canada
Costa Rica
Cape Town, South Africa
Durbin, South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa
Phoenix, AZ
Bakersfield, CA
Fresno, CA
Inland Empire, CA
LA - North, CA
LA - Orange Cty, CA
Modesto, CA
San Diego, CA
Colorado Springs, CO
Denver, CO
St. Lucie, FL
Detroit, MI
Midwest (IL & WI)
Las Vegas, NV
Reno, NV
Central NM
Sturgis, SD
Dallas - Ft. Worth, TX
Houston, TX
W. Houston, TX
Solid Rock Riders (CMA) - Anderson, CA
Son Riders (CMA) - Haywood, CA
Sons of God M/C - Chapters in Canada and many US states.
Sons of Thunder - Portland, OR
Soul Patrol Ministries
Spirit Riders M/M - FL
Soul Wheelers (CMA)
Tribe of Judah M/M - Chapters in many US States
Unchained Riders (CMA) - Gainsville, GA
Warriors of the Cross - San Diego, CA

Calvary Riders (CMA)

Chariots of Hope

Christian Crusaders

Christ's Cruisers (CMA)

CMA California

CMA Louisiana

CMA Mississippi

CMA Nebraska

CMA South Texas


CMA Washington State

Disciples MMC

Faster Pastor

Fellowship of Christian Motorcyclists

Forgiven Child of God M/M

Holy Ghost Riders (CMA)

Motor Racing Outreach

Narrow Road Riders

Northern Virginia Christian Riders (CMA)

PA Gospel Riders

Second Mile Riders (CMA)

Seventh Seal M/C

Son Riders (CMA)

Sons of God M/C

Sons of Thunder - Portland

Soul Patrol Ministries

Soul Wheelers (CMA)

Wings of Eagles (CMA San Diego)

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