Welcome to my little slice of the web! I'm Long Rider... just your basic long-haired (it's in a pony tail) biker type with some important differences. I am not like the "stereotypical" biker that most people think of. Unlike the stereotype, I don't drink or do drugs and most importantly, I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my Lord and Savior. So, in my pages you will find links to both biker sites and to Christian sites.

You will also find links to Christian Biker sites! On these pages I will share my testimony of what God has done for me. I also will have news and links to sites that support my favorite football team, the Dallas Cowboys as well as for my favorite NASCAR driver, Texas Terry LaBonte (You can tell how long it has been since I updated this page since Terry has retired from NASCAR... I now have no choice but to go with his brother Bobby until he retires). I will probably have a picture page about my wife, Lil Wheels, our cat, Kiwi (Like the shoe polish)... she's cool, our dog, Tia (She's half Chaw and half Sharpai) and maybe a page for HTML tools and/or links. So, come on in and browse a bit. And come back often because this site is under perpetual construction! Please sign my guestbook (found on Lil Wheels and my Home Page). I hope you enjoy viewing this site as much as I enjoyed building it.

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